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The Special Life of UV Gel Nails

Before I start about just how great the UV Gel Nails are, I’d like to give you a clear idea about the UV concept. It is basically a formulation of ingredients that are photo reactive and need curing under the Ultra violet (UV) or LED. This unique drying process of shiny nail colors helps to create a strong bond of the polish and promises a long lasting shine and gloss for 14 days. This kind of manicures that are lamp cured mostly takes place in the salon since it requires a professional assistance. Well, it certainly is worth the chaos. It’s like a great investment that you need to take extreme care of, so that you shine like a diva throughout. It is undoubtedly the best trend so far and women just love it.

Certain steps to treat your freshly manicured UV Gel Nails right include the following;

• Do that helpful math
Be a smart woman and gather all the knowledge that is required for your better understanding of the concept. You might as well control that beauty spectrum and be aware of the different kinds available in the market. If you still doubt about a particular choice then you can take help from a salon and ask the necessary questions so that you end up making an informed and wise decision.

• Hydrate your tiny cuticles
It’s important. Split and dry cuticles can actually make an elegant nail color look like a nightmare and an afterthought. After you achieve the perfect look of gel manicure it is highly essential that you keep massaging your nail beds and cuticles with vitamin e creams a number of times in a day. This will ensure that your nails look as fresh as possible and will be maintained in its best state.

• Have a colorful entertainment
Today, the gel nails are coming in innumerable shades and your fun has no end. Gel nails have turned exceptionally hot and its meticulous shine and sparkle is never ending. Trust me, since I’ve been through all that light.

• Keep your nails healthy and happy.
Don’t try to make a rebellious statement by sporting a rigid and chipped look as it is not recommended. Once you feel that it is starting to peel of then do not delay it’s removal. It is like wearing a smeared lip color which is not cool. You can either go ahead with your normal nail color or you might again opt for the UV Gel Nails, either wise you need to keep it clean and tidy.

• Do not peel it off
Never try to fade away the gel nails by peeling it by you or picking on it. It not only removes the top most layer of your nail plate but also damages the nail beds making it dry and irregular. In order to keep it smooth and healthy, get it removed in the salon or a professional.

Now that you know the details and it’s maintenance procedure, it’s likely of you to go and explore the beauty of UV Gel Nails. You must try and explore the fantastic options of Nail Tips available for you. After all, changing the overall look happen to be a girl’s prerogative. Good luck finding the one!

4 Organic Personal Hygiene Products I Can’t Live Without

My switch to organic skin care has been a happy one. I used to have a number of skin problems with using commercial beauty and personal hygiene products. Now that I use organic, my skin and body feel so much better. I want to introduce you to some of the organic personal care items I used to have trouble with, but not anymore!

Organic cleansing gel

The skin on our face gets treated so harshly on the daily. Yet so much of a woman’s sense of beauty is derived from the look of her skin. Considering how many environmental factors are working against my face in addition to my daily skin care routine, the quest to reduce chemicals in my life naturally shifted to how I take care of my face.

I have combination oily skin, so it can be especially hard to find a good facial cleanser. The beauty regimen I had before included a conventional face washing foam that noticeably stripped the skin on my face of its protection. It did an excellent job at getting rid of the dirt and make-up of the day, but it also seemed to take with it a whole layer of my skin. The harshness of the chemicals inside these commercial facial cleansers left my face red and tingling. Without applying moisturiser, I would literally sting for hours. This didn’t seem normal to me.

So I searched high and low, until I found that an organic solution. The plant ingredients in my organic facial cleansing gel brought the relief I was looking for. While effectively cleansing, the cleansing gels made from organic ingredients are so gentle that I can often skip moisturiser now if I feel like it too.

Organic moisturisers

As I mentioned before, the harsh chemical laden facial cleansers left my skin feeling raw and painful. So skipping moisturiser was impossible for me. But the moisturisers had their own set of drawbacks too.

“Normal” petroleum based moisturizers are known to suffocate the skin and hinder its ability to self-regulate. In the morning when I woke up, my face felt like I’d been sleeping in the sweltering heat of Bangkok – my whole face would often be covered in a sticky film of grease. So my combination oily skin and the moisturiser together resulted in clogged pores and breakouts. And it also meant I had to wash my hair more often, because this film of grease migrated to my hair during sleep.

Switching to organic completely changed that. The ingredients in organic skin care are combined to actually support the sophisticated mechanics of the skin itself, helping it to rejuvenate and regulate itself. What I loved about organic moisturisers is that my skin seemed to drink it up. Applying make-up afterwards also felt like it didn’t absorb inside, meaning I could use less of it.

Organic face masks

Most women’s skin care routine also involves some type of facial mask. I used a commercial face mask a couple of times a week before, but I also have friends that use one every day.

Leaving some chemical laden liquid to dry and absorb into my skin for 20 minutes seriously concerned me. Sure, they contained a few helpful ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, but the rest of the ingredients looked like the label of my shampoo. I considered even giving masks up, wondering if this really helps me to retain my youthful skin or perhaps even unwittingly works against it.

There is no such concern with organic facial masks. Most of the ingredients used are completely natural. Certified organic means that 95% or more of the ingredients are plant sourced. This means that, instead of a few nutritionally valuable ingredients, my face now basks in a plethora of beneficial herbs and oils.

Organic toothpaste

The mouth is another place on our faces where many chemicals enter our bodies. Not just the food, but also the products we use to take care of the mouth are to blame. I personally started to get more and more sensitive teeth as the years passed by. I didn’t link it to commercial toothpaste at first. But with increasing public awareness on the effect of fluoride found in commercial toothpastes, I made a switch to organic.

I was concerned though whether I would get more cavities with organic toothpastes, having been indoctrinated into believing that only commercial toothpastes help to effectively combat bad teeth. The truth is that I don’t have a problem with sensitive teeth anymore. And, while I used to always have one or two cavities in my yearly dental checkups before, I haven’t had a cavity in a few years now.

I hope my story will motivate some of you to also experiment with switching to organic skin care and hygiene products. Not only is the switch good for you, but you would also be supporting our animals and the environment. Certified organic means cruelty-free and the ingredients come from farms that use environmentally sound farming practices.

Be sure to check for organic certification in the products you buy and see what works for you. I save hundreds of dollars every year, because my skin care routine is much more simple now. Have a look at zk’in organic skin treatments, a certified organic skin care company that I personally love very much. Here’s to a healthier you!

Abaya: Everything That You Should Know About Picking the Right One

An abaya makes for a clothing choice which adds a lot to your personality if you are taking the trouble to choose the right one. There are several factors to be considered in this regard, including the color, fabric, and measurements. Plus-once you have already bought the abaya – you should be careful enough to accessorize it properly. You also need to buy the online Abayas from a reputed company-so as to be completely sure about the quality of the product you’re purchasing. Read on for more such tips.

Focus on colors
It is rather very important on your part to pay special attention to the color of the abaya while you are in the process of selecting an abaya. Though black remains the most common color, you should not really be hesitant to – at least- try out different colors. However, it should also be noted that black is something which suits all occasions. There is nothing wrong with other hues as well. Check out the store thoroughly for options.

Prioritizing Style is Important
With the passage of time, there are several styles that have surfaced in the market. As per your choice, you can go for the shiny laces, color contrasts or beats. However, the most discerning stylists out there opine that sticking to the simplest of styles remains the best option. They even ask you to steer clear of over-accessorizing as well. No matching ruffles with stripes or introducing some beading here and there.

Choose the right fabric
You should choose Online Abayas that comply with the needs of the season. It is so important on your end to ensure that you are duly choosing light fabric for the summers and keeping the heavier ones for winter. Brown or black farwa fabric is notably suitable for the cooler weather. Do steer clear of wearing the same during the summers. You might as well end up getting suffocated in the process.

Consider Customizing
Yes. You can consider customizing your abaya after buying the same. What is it that you can do the same? You can go on to add pockets or else a hoodie or a zipper as per your convenience.

Last but not the least-we have already asked you to prioritize quality of the fabric you are choosing. Accessing products from reputed stores should be your resort. Please make sure you are actually checking the background of the store thoroughly before buying from the same. Do make sure that you are only buying from stores that do have years of reputation of serving people successfully in terms of quality, fabric and timely delivery. Kindly do not end up committing the mistake of choosing a store arbitrarily— at any cost!

The Differences and Benefits of Silk Base and Silk Base Full Lace Wigs

On these days of social media, women have gone on a competition to establish who is better than who regarding dressing, hairstyles, shoes and all sort of material and physical things. One thing though that seems to dominate more is the hairdos, those with short hair certainly want long hair and those with long want even longer one. This has led to the invention of wigs. These are synthetic or human artificial hair that can be attached to the head scalp to match your own hair or even have a different color shade. There so many types of wigs but in this article, we look at the differences between silk base full lace wigs and silk top lace wigs as well as their benefits.

Differences and their benefits

Silk base full lace wigs are the reason behind a woman seemingly having real scalp with a flawless amount of beautiful hair on it while it’s all but just a wig. A silk base material is used to conceal any hair knots, and as it is made to match your own scalp, the hair seems to be growing on your head directly. These caps are worn on top of your own hair, but there is no way they can give a clue that it’s not yours. There are more common and are preferred for that one significant reason hence they are more costly than other wigs.

Silk top lace wigs, on the other hand, are relatively cheap compared to the other one, they are made in a way that the hair is attached to a cap that does not require adhesives. It can comfortably fit and hold on to the head. The only difference is that they can easily be identified as wigs since the hair is evidently on top of the cap. There are also tremendous and preferred mainly by those who hate or are allergic to hair adhesives.

They both have the benefits of giving any woman that perfect hair that she admires and they come in all sorts of color and tastes. They are also flexible, and they can be styled in any manner just like regular hair would. With these two there is no reason one would go bald or even continue having a bad hair day just because they do not like their own.


Wigs are a great way for any woman to try out the different hair colors available instead of dying their own hair. Only order you wig from trusted stores to avoid getting scammed.

What Makes Vegan Makeup Better Options?

Real vegans not only avoid meat products, but also go vegan even on things such as clothes and makeup. This means that they would never wear anything that is made from animal parts like leather. When it comes to vegan makeup, these are products that do not contain any animal products or ingredients that are animal derived. They are very similar to natural products because they are friendly to the environment and have natural ingredients, but natural cosmetics are not necessarily vegan since they do use ingredients like lanolin, elastin and wax which are substances got from the animals.

It is also important to note that there is a difference between vegan products and cruelty free products. Cruelty free products mean that they are not tested on animals, but they could still contain animal ingredients. Vegan beauty supports a very important cause, but besides this you also stand to enjoy lots of benefits from the vegan products because they are safer on the skin. Here are some of the reasons why vegan makeup products are better choices.

They have all natural ingredients

This means that you can use the products without worrying about chemicals that could end up irritating or damaging your skin. With so many vegan makeup brands in the market, you will find all the products you need.

They are suitable for all skin types

This is again because of the fact that they are made from natural ingredients. They are gentle even to sensitive faces because they are delicate and soft compared to other products available. You can pick any vegan makeup product you want without really having to consider whether it is right for your skin type.

They are affordable

Of course natural products are a little pricey compared to those with artificial additions. However the market has embraced the vegan products and there are so many options available at prices that are suitable for any kind of buyer. You will find products with excellent quality at very affordable prices to enhance your beauty.

They are good to animals

You are probably looking for vegan makeup products because you love animals. With the products you will manage to avoid by products of dead animals. You do not have to feel guilty that an animal suffered for you to enjoy the product. The probability of products containing extracts from dead animals is also eliminated. You will indeed feel good supporting your cause in this way.

They are cruelty-free

Not all cruelty products are vegan, but all vegan products are cruelty free too. The products never get tested on animals and you can therefore take pride in knowing that no animal was risked in the process of verifying how effective they are.

To be vegan is a choice and with so many products available, you can be vegan in every area of your life including beauty. There is a wide range of vegan products available in the market; you only need to select a brand you can trust for quality to enjoy great results.

5 Extravagantly Hot and Cheapest Leather Handbag Designs for You

Girl… you don’t have to break your bank this season, to get a fashionably hot handbag.

Oh yes. Let me tell you about some of the cheapest, posh looking leather handbags. Let me get you luxurious embroidery and opulent metal designs, all for a surprisingly tiny fraction of your rent. These bags will just sprinkle so much zest to your sparkle.

You obviously love to strut the fashion streets with catwalk fodder. Yes, with that glamorous leather handbag, with a real stylish hype. You love being appreciated for your hot style, and stunningly good taste. You want to make a bold-fashion-girl statement about your tremendously lavish lifestyle.

Girl, know this… immensely popular leather handbags exude a unique sense of elegance, class and sophistication. If you carry an exclusive and unique leather handbag, then you will surely feel great. In today’s fashion world, appearances matter. Whether you’re on a date, attending a party, or shopping, people notice your handbag, and they notice you.

A luxuriously hot leather handbag on you, would never look out of fashion. So let’s get you started on that perfect look which helps you create a great impression from people around. And let’s do this at an…

Extravagantly cheap cost.

YES. Let’s talk about the 5 easy tricks to get an elegant, and affordable leather handbag. Just remember, as we consider each aspect of how you choose your opulent handbag, let’s also try to find these hot qualities in the cheapest bags available.

I have provided examples of great-looking, cheap handbags with each key feature.

  1. Pick Butter-Soft Leather on Handbags.

Girl, don’t eat beans on toast for a whole month, just to afford the best quality leather handbag. You can go for a Sleazy Jane fashionista leather handbag. Sleazy Jane handbags are drum dyed and dry-milled to give the softest, leathery butter feel. They can set you back a nifty £299 pounds.You could also try the Channel Classic Flap Bag Double in large black super soft buttery caviar leather. It will only set you back USD55. You could also go for the Tory Burch Fleming convertible shoulder bag black color, which will pull USD229 out of your pocket.

For an even cheaper soft-buttery leather, go for the immensely popular, super-cute YBYT Vintage Leather Handbag at just USD30. Imagine, it comes with immaculate straight stitching, rich genuine leather, and a perfect strap length for that petite-chic look.

  1. Choose Ruches and Gold Opulent Metal Designs.

You can still get the delicious golden plums, metallic designs. You can get the “It-Bags” for supermodels and celebutantes, with your working girl pocket-size. You will just love to have these opulent leather handbags, and still want the world to keep thinking they cost you a fortune.You could go for the Emillie M. Jenna Satchel Shoulder Bag at USD304, it comes with fancy detachable shoulder straps and more than 5 pockets for storing accessories. It has delightfully crafted platinum colored rich buckles and pin straps.

And you could also kill fashion with an iced coffee Jenna Kator Corktown handbag, which will set you back a mere USD263. It has exquisite metal buckles and pins of artful design on its soft leather straps and pocket sides.

You must aim to get luxurious leather handbags that have – the reworked links on the handles, the artful clasp, the soft-sided capacious lightness, and the elegant simplicity of the handheld style.

  1. Select Sophisticated Luxurious Leather Handbag Italian Looks.

Get the most clandestine leather handbag accessory. Make a unique outward statement of your status, fashion savvy and your earning power, all with a tiny fraction of what it would normally cost. Try to get the expensive Italian leather looks, durable and fancy.You could snatch stares with a Mango Flap chain bag, with soft luxurious cream looks and a golden chain to fit your pockets at USD70. If you have to lug around a laptop, go for the Everlane The Twill Zip Tote at USD48.

  1. Get Extremely Handy Yet Funky and Stylish Designs.

Don’t let your leather handbag be a way of carrying things around. Let it be instantly revealing, of your glamorous status. Get a combination of functionality and luxury.Carry money, credit cards, keys, and lip gloss. Let your leather handbag be a sign of independence and stature. Girl, you have your own cash and bank accounts, and keys to your own property and car – and you want the world to know it.

Go for the hot Messenger Bag perfectly suited to keep your hands free, whilst always having your books, tablets and other college items in the bag. This bag will give you a smooth college-chic look, goes well with blue jeans and canvas shoes.

It will set your college pocket back by merely USD99. It has pre-cut and pre-punched leather to go with two external side pockets and is a must have on-the-go item.

You could also rock with a Vasantha Kokila Geometric Folding Bag at about USD37, with ten great metal locks, which you can adjusted to just the right size to fit your specific dress and occasion. It will definitely make you feel different, and is an attention go-getter!

  1. Buy the Panache and Style in flaunting Leather Handbags.

Try to go for Leather handbags with a unique sensation. Your handbag is a multi-tasking device that combines the virtues of practicality and utility: along with showing off your personal taste, it suggests a certain economic prosperity.Did you know you can dress in a cheap-looking black trouser suit and grubby faded pink plimsolls crossing the street, and yet look divine because of your choice of leather handbag?

Now get flaunt fabulous with a Faith Nicole solid Black leather handbag that silently screams “I’ve got it.” It will set you back a mere USD41 and comes in mini-cross body style.