The Special Life of UV Gel Nails

Before I start about just how great the UV Gel Nails are, I’d like to give you a clear idea about the UV concept. It is basically a formulation of ingredients that are photo reactive and need curing under the Ultra violet (UV) or LED. This unique drying process of shiny nail colors helps to create a strong bond of the polish and promises a long lasting shine and gloss for 14 days. This kind of manicures that are lamp cured mostly takes place in the salon since it requires a professional assistance. Well, it certainly is worth the chaos. It’s like a great investment that you need to take extreme care of, so that you shine like a diva throughout. It is undoubtedly the best trend so far and women just love it.

Certain steps to treat your freshly manicured UV Gel Nails right include the following;

• Do that helpful math
Be a smart woman and gather all the knowledge that is required for your better understanding of the concept. You might as well control that beauty spectrum and be aware of the different kinds available in the market. If you still doubt about a particular choice then you can take help from a salon and ask the necessary questions so that you end up making an informed and wise decision.

• Hydrate your tiny cuticles
It’s important. Split and dry cuticles can actually make an elegant nail color look like a nightmare and an afterthought. After you achieve the perfect look of gel manicure it is highly essential that you keep massaging your nail beds and cuticles with vitamin e creams a number of times in a day. This will ensure that your nails look as fresh as possible and will be maintained in its best state.

• Have a colorful entertainment
Today, the gel nails are coming in innumerable shades and your fun has no end. Gel nails have turned exceptionally hot and its meticulous shine and sparkle is never ending. Trust me, since I’ve been through all that light.

• Keep your nails healthy and happy.
Don’t try to make a rebellious statement by sporting a rigid and chipped look as it is not recommended. Once you feel that it is starting to peel of then do not delay it’s removal. It is like wearing a smeared lip color which is not cool. You can either go ahead with your normal nail color or you might again opt for the UV Gel Nails, either wise you need to keep it clean and tidy.

• Do not peel it off
Never try to fade away the gel nails by peeling it by you or picking on it. It not only removes the top most layer of your nail plate but also damages the nail beds making it dry and irregular. In order to keep it smooth and healthy, get it removed in the salon or a professional.

Now that you know the details and it’s maintenance procedure, it’s likely of you to go and explore the beauty of UV Gel Nails. You must try and explore the fantastic options of Nail Tips available for you. After all, changing the overall look happen to be a girl’s prerogative. Good luck finding the one!